The Laura Quinn
Wild Bird Sanctuary

The Laura Quinn

Wild Bird Sanctuary

Open Daily Sunrise to Sunset 365 Days A Year!

The Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary provides a humane, natural and protected refuge to hindered birds. Founder Laura Quinn recognized that some injured birds could not safely return to the wild. She knew, though, they could humanely live long and enriched lives if given a secure space to thrive. The Sanctuary offers acres of wetlands that serve as a habitat for many of the birds that fit this description. The property offers one of the only known saltwater tidal ponds in Monroe County, an abundance of native flora and fauna. The Sanctuary serves as a natural habitat to wildlife, as a healthy and flourishing part of the ecosystem and as a home for those birds no longer able to survive in the wild.

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  •   This place had a wide variety of birds. The kids loved walking around the boardwalk and seeing them all. They really enjoyed talking to the parrot. It’s also free, which was a huge plus. They have a donation box so make sure you help out.

    thumb Thomas F

      We stopped before dinner one night to have a look at the birds. My favorite were the Great Horned Owls but the Pelicans were fun to watch too. Doesn’t take very long to go through or you could stop and watch as long as you...More

    thumb AshleyRN07

      Took about half an hour for visit. Detailed information about all birds is given. They are doing some really good work there. Providing shelter to injured birds.

    thumb achangundi
  •   We had a chance to visit twice while vacationing in Key Largo this past week. I was particularly excited to meet the newest resident, Crandon, the sandhill crane I had read about on the Center’s Facebook page. He was perky and cute! Although I love...More

    thumb esmerelda12

      This place does a great service for the injured birds. And others that just show up! It's nothing fancy. But you will see a lot of great bird close up. So unusual to have a place like this right on the bay..instead of a resort....More

    thumb Mkoutlaw

      A beautiful natural sanctuary where non-releasable birds have a great home. The staff is knowledgeable and great at educating the public. Be sure to go down the road the the education center and rehabilitation hospital to learn more about the birds.

    thumb DecaturJulieB
  •   We really enjoyed seeing all the rescued birds and our walk along the water. Beautiful ocean views at the end. A nice place for an hour or so. It is a donation for an entry fee. Please be generous what a great cause.

    thumb Tina M

      We go here every time we visit Key Largo. The tireless volunteers look after a wide variety of local birds, many of whom have been injured and would not survive in the wild. The place is in great shape even after Hurricane Irma. Well worth...More

    thumb Jeffrey C

      This was a wonderful stop with our kids. Our 3 year old loved it and the enclosures were really well done and they are clearly doing good work.

    thumb Guy S
  •   Take a nice short relaxing walk to view the birds. It’s free and probably takes 15-30 min to walk through and see a variety of birds. Great information.

    thumb Tamieko B

      If you need to take a break from water sports, and go to a nice little shelter for injured wild birds, this is for you. Don't plan a day, just a quick visit

    thumb Timothy W

      so glad there is a facility like this taking care of those birds who can not be in the wild. Thank you!

    thumb Cheesehead608

  • review rating 5  This place is amazing. The staff is excellent and knowledgeable, and is doing such important and necessary work. My children love visiting and learning about the birds.

    thumb Angela Compton

    review rating 5  Really cool bird sanctuary near Islamorada. Check it out!

    thumb Kristy Royall Rennie

    review rating 5  This was really nice! They are helping the injured birds and it's just a donation. Nice walk way to walk on, the birds are treated great here. So nice to see this!

    thumb Connie Briggs Toce
  • review rating 3  I think the work they do is great. They have pretty cool pelicans and owls. It is a rehabilitation center so it's not very big. It's educational if you have kids. Would not visit again.

    thumb Idelsy Hernandez

    review rating 5  The work these guy's do is incredible - I visit every year. The settings in the Tavernier site are so natural and quiet for the recuperation of wild birds. If you love Pelicans this is the place to go - feeding time is a frenzy

    thumb Sue Wallbanks

    review rating 5  They help so many birds thank you for your great work!

    thumb Julie Johnson
  • review rating 5  One of my favorite places on the keys. Some of my best pictures were taking there.

    thumb Susan Miller

    review rating 5  We drop in every time we head out to the keys! A quiet place to take a stroll

    thumb Sami Penie

    review rating 5  A wonderful 45 minute visit. We were able to get up close and personal with numerous owls, several comerands, and a couple parrots. We met Flop the meowing blue jay. We especially enjoyed the pelican enclosure with a dozen pelicans. They perform a great mission; well worth a visit (but bring bug spray!)...

    thumb Dan Paolini
  • review rating 5  Awesome place to visit! As a birder myself, Im grateful we have such places. Thank you guys, all the way from Texas!

    thumb Gabriel Rodriguez

    review rating 5  This place was amazing had all types of birds with their own stories, beautiful plumage on the pelicans, enjoyed Fred the Parrot, thank you to the caring people who work there!

    thumb Kellie Green Starling

    review rating 5  I need to visit this winter when riding bicycle. Would be a great stop .

    thumb Wolf NA Wolf

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  •   My partner and I came here expecting a pricey tourist trap so we were blown away by the quality of the exhibits and the fact it's FREE. (Be sure to donate to support the mission!) We were especially impressed by the variety of hawks and owls at the center.

    thumb Bill G.

      We had such fun at this lovely place. Free, although donations are encouraged. So many beautiful birds that appear to be well taken care of and loved. My teenage boys were enthralled too. Interesting to read the stories about each bird's circumstances and challenges. Glad they have this place to call home.

    thumb Kristen B.

      If you like songbirds, seabirds, raptors, and owls, be sure to stop here. Walk down outdoor boardwalk paths and check out all the different birds being rehabilitated in the cages. This is an easy walk, and a quick visit if you just want to look at birds, or you can take your time and read all the informational plaques about each bird.  There's a nice little path along the water at the back of the building. A very nice thing to do on a day with dreary weather. Bathroom available.  Leave a donation in the donation boxes to help care for the birds!

    thumb Danielle L.
  •   Drove by many times & saw the sign.  Finally decided to see what it's all about.  I was surprised it was free to go in & see all the beautiful birds & how they are being taken care of.
    This place needs to advertise if permitted, that it is a free attraction.  I did put a donation in the box & believe they could raise much more money if people driving by knew there is NO CHARGE.
    Patty S.
    Coral Springs, Fl.

    thumb Patty S.

      A nice little place to stop while visiting Key Largo and the surrounding areas. You will need about 30-45 minutes there at most.

    thumb Talya C.

      We knew that as we were passing through the Keys that we had to stop stop at the wild birds sanctuary. The sanctuary cares for injured, orphaned and rescue birds. The wild bird sancturay is a natural habitat including birds of prey, tropical and sea birds among many other varieties. The Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center is an oasis for so many beautiful wild birds. I especially loved the owls and parrots. They also have a little walkway behind the bird oasis that has beautiful grounds and views showcasing the scenic waters, Mangroves, and more little birds and ducks walking about. It doesn't cost anything to visit the rehabilitation center, but you can donate in the little donation box up at the front. This is a great stop for all ages. We had a really enjoyable visit here.

    thumb Angellé S.
  •   Highly recommend - so many great bird attractions. Stop only if to see the meowing bluejay or the multiple adorable owls and pelicans. It made my heart full to see these beautiful birds so well cared for and would make a great educational spot.

    thumb Haley L.

      Great place to visit if you are traveling with kids. There are varieties of large birds and owels to see. Admission is free, but there is donation box.

    thumb Ann P.

      Wonderful place to take the family in Key Largo. I can't believe this place doesn't get more hype. It's hard to find low-cost things to do in the area, and this is FREE! Though the do have a spot you can drop donations to support their cause.

    My kids enjoyed seeing various types of birds including a beautiful green parrot named Fred whom they fell in love with. They also had owls, hawks, pelicans, and various other birds. What we really enjoyed was reading the stories behind how the birds came to be here. It was very interesting.

    There's lots of beautiful scenery to walk through and you'll see random wildlife throughout such as iguanas. An absolute must do for families in the Upper Keys!

    thumb Tabatha S.
  •   For a donation you get to roam around a good number of hand made habitats for wounded birds that are no longer safe in the wild. This gives you a chance to see up close some of our finely feathered friends. Nice to do with kids

    thumb Scott S.

      Loved seeing all the birds and a lot had there stories posted so you know why they were there. The staff was super nice and helpful we were there at feeding time of some of the birds and that was an added cool feature for the kids.

    thumb Samantha C.

      This place is worth a stop if your driving your way into the Keys. Such a GEM!!! I found this place a few years ago before they remodeled. The area where the pelicans by the beach was not there a few years back. As you walk through owls, hawks and just truly breathtaking birds. It was so cool to see different types of owls. We visited this past Sunday and it was about 60 degrees, pretty nice weather for this area. It was a nice walk through for a Sunday morning. It does not even take long to walk throughout the area. But so worth a stop you won't regret it. In the back there is a small sitting area on a beach that is beautiful. Plus it's free but please make sure to donate! This place is beautiful and I'm happy that someone has put something like this together to protect birds that have been injured. Truly lovely.

    thumb Patty C.

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  • review rating 4  Awesome place where they rescue birds that need help. Lots of owls. Free entry. You can give a donation of you want to. Nice place to visit with a family

    thumb Pat Rao

    review rating 5  Great stop down to the keys. Large enclosures and habitats. Lots of information and ability to go at ones own pace.

    thumb Candice Johnson

    review rating 5  This place is great! Very informative staff, descriptions on each cage indicating the injuries, treatment and prognosis. Drop some money on the donation box if you're able to help out! They also post their releases to Facebook if you want to follow the animals after your visit.

    thumb Ashley DellAquila
  • review rating 4  There is no park ranger, but there are sparsely written info signs for all the caged, rescued birds. Small sanctuary to stretch your legs. Clean, handicapped accessible restrooms if you need one along the highway. Make sure to leave a small donation to keep the place running!

    thumb G. Jones

    review rating 5  This wonderful gem tucked away in the Florida Keys is worth the drive down there alone. We went for the first time today, and I can honestly say I had tears in my eyes from seeing all the gorgeous wildlife, the peaceful stroll you take along the boardwalk that leads right out to the ocean (added bonus!!!!), and how fabulously the animals are taken care of. This is a MUST go to during your trip. There is a donation box as well as a kiosk one for debit and credit cards. I felt so honored donating knowing it is going towards a good cause. Parking is a little tight, but it's absolutely worth it. We will continue to come back from now on every time we travel this way.

    thumb Lisa Morton

    review rating 5  *LONG REVIEW WORTH READING* Super fun place! Plenty of birds with knowledgeable staff. Had a great time here. It is free, though they do ask for donations, which is fine by me because they're doing such a great thing. What I really enjoyed was the signs on the enclosures that not only told you facts about the bird, but also the story on why they are there. Honestly, I've never been to a cleaner animal sanctuary. The water for the birds was crystal clear, and there were no bad smells. I 10/10 recommend stopping by during your visit to the keys!

    thumb Elise Freeman
  • review rating 5  So worth the stop! Free, and no staff to check in with but you will want to donate a couple dollars at least after you see the work they do for these birds. Bring cash or they have a card reader setuo for donation. Short easy walk to see all the birds. Free parking area.

    thumb Karen Emmett

    review rating 5  Love this place! Really wonderful to see the rescued birds, you can also walk down to a beautiful little beach. It's free to enter, but you can donate via a touch screen and card reader at the end. The staff was very nice and very knowledgeable. The parking gets a little tight, especially during busy times.

    thumb Sarah Semlear

    review rating 5  What an interesting experience! An up-close-and-personal opportunity watching Florida birds interact, in and out of cages. At the end... 20-40 minutes, you can walk onto a beautiful, picturesque Key's beach for a breathtaking shot. We loved it!

    thumb Gary n Marguerite Lounsberry
  • review rating 5  Natural habitat for the animals, clean spaces, well kept. Fresh food and water for the birds. Bathroom. Great for all ages. Loved it. Make sure you make a donation!

    thumb Cheryl Devitt

    review rating 5  Pleasant boardwalk thru mangroves, meandering thru the sanctuary. An important home to all the birds that can't survive in the wild, mostly due to auto hits (plaques give info) Clean, well kept. Handicap access parking pad and bathroom.

    thumb wendy M.

    review rating 5  There are many varieties of local birds at this 7 acre sanctuary which are cared for due to their injuries that prevent their return to the wild. It is free admission with voluntary donation. There is plenty of places to park. It is a fun place for an hour of time at leisurely pacs

    thumb rick ross